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Employees Are the Most Important Product
“Ooltewah-based grass carpet manufacturer success based on ‘special’ workforce.”
CityScope, Winter 2004-05.

On Their Own Turf
“Why has Habitat International, Inc., a grass-rug plant in north Georgia, been so successful even in a weak economy? Because of its hard-working employees: the disabled, the outcast, and those who are simply down on their luck."
Today’s Machining World (formerly Screw Machine World), July/August 2003.

Doing the Right Thing
“Chances are you’ve never heard of a Georgia entrepreneur named David Morris. But that won’t stop him from urging you to do two things: Hire the disabled and befriend your competitors.”
Southwest Airlines Spirit, May 2003

At Habitat International, No One Says, ‘I Can’t.’
Breaking Ground: The Newsletter of the Tennessee Council on Developmental Disabilities, May 2003

A Special Workforce
“Disabled workers at this Rossville grass-rug plant have made the company shine.”
Chattanooga Magazine, Spring 2003

An Enabling Work Force
Nation’s Business, June 1998

More Than a Workplace
One North Georgia company decided to hire disabled workers — resulting in productivity and pride for all.
Southern Living, April 1998

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