David Morris is the CEO and co-founder of Habitat International Inc. He frequently advises business owners around the country on how to launch their own disability-hiring programs. A popular lecturer who speaks from the heart, he is often invited to share his company’s story with disability advocates, healthcare workers, special education teachers, civic leaders and others who want to learn more about the realities of hiring people with disabilities.

“All you need to do is open your heart a little and trust in people,” David says of his longtime practice of hiring people with special challenges. “All it takes is changing your paradigms and your mindset and realizing that disabled people aren’t dumb. I understand how other businesspeople might be fearful. But when you see a person who’s been told ‘no’ every day of his or her life and now is saying, ‘Yes, I can do it,’ it’s hard not to get inspired.”

In addition to hiring adults with disabilities, David frequently invites special-ed vocational students to learn job skills at Habitat. He believes that educational mainstreaming not only gives special-needs students a chance but also helps other people let go of their fears about those who are different.

To schedule a presentation by David Morris, contact him at:

Habitat International Inc.
8811 Production Lane
Chattanooga, TN 37363-6511
Phone: (423) 238-3500
Fax: (423) 238-3509
E-mail: dmorris@habitatint.com

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